Socially Hard These Days

Back when I was growing up we never had the internet and if you wanted to make a social buzz about thing it was producing flyers and bill posters and telling as many people as possible, if you could get on local radio.

Now we can create facebook groups and invite people to join, facebook pages, Tweet about it on twitter, share it on google plus, take pictures and share them on instagram, pinterest etc and thats before we get to vines and revines and periscope and youtube the options are endless these days.

Today I have also found social companies that help you to gain more followers as a friend said to me the other day if you go to a party and they open the buffet you don’t want to be the first up to the table and I suppose he has a point and normally you blink and find a swarm of your friends getting food and then time you get to the table the choices are limited.  so it’s all down to timing :)

These guys seem to offer a wide range of services so if you are looking to get some vines revined (still have not got my head round them) or simply looking to buy rewteets

Been a long time

Working on long term projects and no time for anything else left my site in much need of some TLC along with my garden which now needs an extreme makeover I thought my website would receive the same treatment and have a severe pruning in fact start a fresh approach as the old content was not me.

So onwards and upwards as they say in the business!